Continuing Care Retirement Communities


At its core, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is a type of community that provides its residents various types of care, ranging from independent living housing to assisted living and long-term care, all on one single campus. Many campuses of this nature also provide short-term rehabilitation services as well as specialized Alzheimer’s aid. A continuing care retirement community is vital in helping individuals to continue living comfortably, as it allows them to retain peace of mind by knowing that no matter what type of care they may need in the future, the professionals at a CCRC will provide it to them.

Also known as retirement villages, residents usually move into a CCRC when they are still active and independent. With this being the case, individuals that move into a CCRC are able to take advantage of the many activities and programs the campus provides to them, which will ensure that their social, educational, and recreational needs are always met. Additionally, many of these types of campuses provide various clubs for their residents to participate in, and almost always offer a wellness program for their residents to participate in.

As residents began to grow older and naturally need more care and attention, they will move through the levels of care that the CCRC offers them without having to shop around for additional healthcare as there is change. Therefore, the many transitions that occur during the last stages of life will transition easily and naturally.

How Can You Pay For It?

For most people, understanding the various fees, payment structures, and contracts can be extremely confusing. For those that are looking to find the easiest way to pay for CCRC,  you will need to understand the way each one operates and conducts financing options, such as whether or not a nonrefundable entrance fee or equity payment is needed, and whether or not the CCRC in question will even require fees or provide refunds.

Some CCRCs accept Medicaid (this depends solely on the state) in short-term and long-term care, while others will not. Therefore, you need to communicate with your ALSF advisor to discover the various avenues you can use to pay for CCRC.

How is CCRC Regulated?

With the exception of independent living , every single level of care for a CCRC is absolutely regulated. The state where the CCRC is located will be regulated according to the state: additionally, CCRCs are also regulated at the federal level as well, and the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CCAC) also accredits CCRCs; however, this type of accreditation is absolutely optional and is not required.

What if I Have Other Questions?

If you have other questions regarding CCRCs, we urge you to contact us at the Assisted Living Services Of Florida (ALF) today, and allow us to answer any questions you may have. We will obtain the answer you are looking for, so you will have a much more clear idea as to what CCRCs actually are, and how they can benefit you and your family.

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