Q: Do you really have a family member that went through this as well?

A: Absolutely, our family went through the same experience you are going through about 3 years ago. We still visit the facility they are staying in, and still practice some of the tips found on this page (click here).


Q: Do you only provide services in West Palm Beach?

A: We currently offer services in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Help from Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC is absolutely free for you and your family.


Q: What if we do not find a facility that meets our needs through ALSF?

A: We guarantee if the facility exists, we will find it and present it to you in our report.


Q: Are the financial advisors on staff with ALSF?

A: No. Each financial advisor we may connect you with will be independent and operate solely on their own. They have agreed to provide a FREE consultation to determine that your financial situation is in the best possible condition. We have developed partnerships with fee-only financial planning professionals who we feel are trustworthy and capable of providing our clients with the most current and effective financial advice and strategies available.