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  • Weeks worth of researching different facilities that don’t fit
  • Weeks worth of phone calls 
  • Hassle of talking to a hundred sales people
  • Days and sleepless nights of frustration

Unless you have been through this before you wont know the details necessary to establish whether an assisted living Delray Beach Florida community will even fit your needs.

We will be more than glad to guide you from A to Move-In! All you have to do is pick up the phone or use the search form and submit your information to get started.

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Is your family finding it difficult to locate a proper assisted living Delray Beach Florida?

Are we telling you what you think we are telling you? Absolutely.

Finding assisted living in Delray Beach Florida doesn’t have to be a grueling process as most will have you think.

You see, finding the right assisted living Delray Beach Florida community can be incredibly difficult, simply for the fact that your loved one has needs and wants that not all assisted living facilities Palm Beach County can provide to them. Whether your loved one has a handicap that some residential care facilities cannot cater to, your loved needs to be active most of the time (and as you probably know, a lot of residential living facilities are just the opposite).

Maybe your loved one needs amenities and needs met that other facilities simply cannot match, it is going to be a challenge to find the perfect residential care facilities that is within close proximity to you and your family.

Thus, our point is this: not all Florida assisted living facilities are created equal, and on top of that, not all of them should be trusted.

You have heard of the horror stories regarding certain assisted living Delray Beach Florida, right? You know, the stories where certain employees at some residential West Palm Beach assisted living facilities would not pay attention to their residents, to which their health would decline and they would eventually become sick (many times, causing the family to try and intervene and give them some help?)?

Assisted Living Delray Beach Florida Today

It turns out this happens from time to time, and you and your family have no idea which adult group homes behave in this manner (i.e. neglect their residents), and which ones are actually there for their patients 24/7.

And honestly? How can you be certain that your loved one will get the care that they need?

You can’t be: at least, not on your own.

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Therefore, you need the helping hand of a professional, and that is exactly why we are here.

Who are we? We are Assisted Living Services of Florida (ALSF), and we are here for one sole reason: to help families that need our aid in helping to find their loved ones the very best assisted living facilities in Delray Beach, FL.

Every day, we help families just like yours via our various locations, and every time, we have the pleasure of placing a family’s loved one in a residential care facility that is suitable strictly for them.

Our staff conducts ample amounts of research, and through this research, we come to a consensus as to which residential care facility is ideal for a family’s loved one. Through our own personal process finding an assisted living Fort Lauderdale, we are able to not only discover which facility is ideal, but we are able to actually talk with the owners of the assisted living Delray Beach Florida facility and negotiate certain terms and conditions regarding pricing, amenities, and so much more.

And not only that, we are also able to discover which assisted living facilities have a history of neglect in Delray Beach, FL , and which ones go the extra mile to ensure that the residents at the facility are always taken care of.

At ALSF, it is our duty to make sure that we help every family that comes to our aid in the best way possible, and that we find the perfect new home for the family’s loved one. If you are finding that it is difficult (nay, nearly impossible) to find the best new home for your loved one, contact ALSF today and allow us to help you. You will be amazed as to how well we can help you, and we guarantee that in the end, your loved one will find the home they deserve.

Contact us today, and leave the rest of the assisted living Delray Beach Florida work to us: you won’t regret it.

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