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These are just some of the wonderful communities you will have access to through our community relations staff here at Assisted Living Services of Florida.

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Located in South Florida’s Palm Beach County, our Delray Beach senior rental communities a community with a historical identity and future direction.Boasting brand new assisted living West Palm Beach  style senior communities, some offering state-of-the-art care, amenities, and services that will enrich your loved ones life.Comfort and style is priority, while never ignoring the necessity for a trained, knowledgeable, and competent staff.Whatever your lifestyle, our Delray Beach communities are highly sought after due to the unique and tropical splendor, close proximity to the beaches, fine dining, and shopping this city has come to be known for.Hospitality and high quality professional adult assistance is what you can expect and count on for your loved one.You can rest easy knowing Mom or Dad will maintain the highest levels of quality living they are accustomed to whether assisted living Palm Beach Countyindependent livingskilled nursing, or memory care fits their immediate needs.

 Delray Beach

You won’t need to go far to find the care and respect you deserve in assisted living in Delray Beach Florida services.With all the state-of-the-art medical training and learning facilities Delray Beach has become one of the leaders in the adult care industry, and with the splendor that lays along the pristine beaches it is without a doubt this is the place to live in Eden. Family oriented and adult communities, stability of old time established commerce in South Florida is what you can expect in Boca RatonWith or with or without special needs…

You will enjoy access to our quality selection of independent living and  assisted living communities that also offer home-care, short-term respite, and memory loss for all budgets.


Delray Beach History


In all of the history of Delray Beach the main focus has always been related to the fact that it has always been a hub of work, service and an agricultural lifeline.The military maps of the peninsula of Florida dating from the 1850s time of the Seminole Wars, depict a haulover identified as Orange Grove Haulover along the beach area of what is now the City of Delray Beach.

The name derived from an ancient orange grove found growing near the beach.

(Haulover is a place where people traveling by boat could no longer continue by water and had to haul their boats out to land and carry them for a distance.)

In doing so the new settlers who utilized this haulover recognized that even on the sandy beaches sustenance grew and flourished and here they would set up a new life.

In 1885, Henry Flagler purchased the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax River Railway in his efforts to build a railroad to connect the entire east coast of Florida.

Flagler was granted millions of acres of land from the State of Florida to use in the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway.

Flagler also purchased many thousands of acres of land under the name of Model Land Company along the east coast of Florida including many hundreds of acres in the area now known as Delray Beach. Many early settlers bought land from Model Land Company.

In 1896, Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway route was completed through the Town of Linton. The railroad and the local depot were essential for the farming economy and the growth of the town

As time progressed, Delray Beach grew from a farming community into a bustling city known for its unique architecture and thriving downtown.

Delray Beach became a winter resort where artists and writers came to escape the brutal winters and hone their crafts.

Today, history plays a big role in the city’s identity and future direction.Delray Beach is considered a leading figure in the state’s growing historic preservation movement.The city has designated several neighborhoods as historic districts; places where residents are encouraged to preserve old homes as a living link to Delray’s illustrious past.

The city has designated several neighborhoods as historic districts; places where residents are encouraged to preserve old homes as a living link to Delray’s illustrious past.

As a big role in Delray Beaches now and future, because of its unique and tropical splendor this has become home to a handful of Independent and Assisted-Care communities offering high quality professional adult assistance.

Delray Beach, Florida has many beautiful locations to provide assisted living services to you and your family.

There can be a lot of stress and emotions associated with making the transition into an assisted living Florida community.

Do not worry as we have taken care of everything for you, and you will only have to ask and answer every question once during the process.

Assisted Living Services of Florida strives to make sure you have all the possible options available to you at the tip of your fingers. Time is of the essence and you have enough stress dealing with the every day pressures of life and family.

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