Veterans Benefits


If you or a loved one is a U.S veterans or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for assisted living assistance sometimes called “Aid and Attendance” through the VA.

Veterans Benefits Qualification Criteria

  • Honourable Discharge From Active Duty
  • Age 65 or Disabled
  • Served At Least One Day During War Or Qualified Conflict
  • Income And Assets Must Be Re Arranged To Meet Veterans Guidelines
  • Medical Expenses Must Be Greater Than Or Equal To Income

Qualified Conflicts
  • World War II (12/7/1941 To 11/1946)
  • Korean War (6/27/1950 To 1/31/1955)
  • Vietnam (8/5/1964 To 5/7/1975)
  • Gulf And Other Recent Wars (9/2/1990 To Present)

Assisted Living Services Of Florida utilizes the Veterans Guidelines and Handbook that gives us a step by step procedure to qualify the veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran for aid and attendance benefits.  For the individual the paperwork may be overwhelming.

 Assistance Is Free Of Charge By Law


We will provide all the necessary assistance and prepare the paperwork for you and with you absolutely free of charge.

Once the paperwork is submitted it will take a few months for approval and then you will receive the benefits monthly and retroactively for the wait time.  For example if it took 3 months and you qualify for $1,600 per month tax free you will receive $4,800 to begin.

If you have substantial assets do not worry we have you covered. Our veterans and investments experts have developed a strategy that is guaranteed to help you qualify for benefits. Our strategies will enable you to receive your tax free income benefits while keeping you protected, and in control at the same time.

Please contact your Assisted Living Services Of Florida advisor immediately to get FREE dedicated help for you and your loved one to get established in the most timely and efficient manner.

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