Medicaid Assistance


One Florida government care funding supplement available to lower income situations is Medicaid.

There are facilities in the State of Florida that participate in the Assisted Living for the Elderly (ALE) Medicaid Waiver program. This waiver addresses three areas of needs including case management, assisted living, and (where needed) incontinence supplies, and will provide assistance of a daily rate up to $32.20 for assisted living, and a monthly rate of $125.00 for incontinence supplies.

An individual must be wither 65 or older, or of the ages 60 – 64 and by Social Security standards determined to be disabled.

The individual must also require one or more of the following:

  • Need assistance with at least four activities of daily living (ADLs);
  • Need assistance with three ADLs and also need supervision or administration of medication;
  • Need absolute help a least one or more ADLs;
  • Have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a similar type of dementia and need help with at least two or more ADLs;
  • Have been diagnosed with degenerative or chronic medical condition needing nursing services that are unavailable in a standard ALF, but are provided in an ALF licensed for limited nursing or extended congregate care; or
  • Be a Medicaid-eligible recipient who meets the ALF residency criteria; is waiting to be discharged from a nursing facility; and cannot return to a private residence due to requirement of supervision, personal care, periodic nursing services, or a combination of the three.

For more information visit this Florida Medicaid resource.


  1. Ability To Move Around
  2. Efficiency In The Bathroom
  3. Ability To Bathe and Dress
  4. Efficiency Of Housekeeping
  5. Ability to Cook And Feed
  6. Ability To Manage Medications
  7. Behavioral Condition
  8. Condition Mentally

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