Low Income Solutions


Having few choices can be very difficult, especially when the situation pertains to the health and well being of a loved one.

It can sometimes be a disheartening and discouraging process to explain there are minimal care funding solutions available.

We don’t stop answering our phone when there are only a few options.

The availability, style, and level of senior housing is based upon the amount of money available to fund the care.

Running out of options …

Funding can come in many forms, but when you run out of options and hit the wall, there are only a few things left to do.

There are smaller facilities and houses that provide assisted living and senior living care services.

These tend to be a little more affordable, however most still require typically about $1000 a month for rent. (If you would like to see some of these in your area call 1-800-758-5822)

Most of these include everything so barely making the $1000 mark will provide ample attention and care for your parents.

It can be more risky that comes with some of the smaller and more private facilities. You will want to make sure you search with someone who is reputable and trustworthy.

Now that the disclaimer is out,  there are also plenty of loving and caring individuals who are in the business for the right reasons, who have opened their homes to 5 -8 individuals.

We will do everything we can to locate a facility that will provide the care you need. Call us today!