Senior Living Near Broward County

Let our community relations staff help you lighten the load from having to find appropriate Broward County Communities on your own.


Our assisted living facilities Broward County offer residents a life style blended with all walks of life and cultures.

Here you will find a diverse cultural cornucopia of all nationalities living together with one love … the beaches, the ocean, the sun, and all the family, friends and neighbors you can handle.

Whatever your lifestyle and care needs are…

From the most elite residences offering all amenities to the most affordable intimate and complete care

environments, your loved one can feel safe and know all their assisted living facilities in Broward County Florida needs will be met. Safety without compromising comfort enables your loved ones to enjoy Broward County senior living to the fullest.

Whether assisted livingindependent living, skilled nursing, or memory care fits your immediate needs, you can rest easy knowing your loved one will maintain the high levels of quality living they are accustomed to.

Getting around Broward, discovering the arts, enjoying the parks or taking a cruise are some of the activities our assisted living in Broward County partners provide.

It is all made easy in this vast ever growing County.

Here you may maintain your dignity with so many resources right at your fingertips, from Tri-Rail, to Palm Tran, to around the Town Trolley, you can enjoy all life

has to offer in this beautiful eclectic and large County.With or with or without special needs…

You will enjoy access to our quality selection of independent living and  assisted living communities that also offer home-care, short-term respite, and memory loss for all budgets.


 A Little Bit About Broward County


Broward was formed from portions of Dade and Palm Beach Counties in 1915 and named for former Florida governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward.

In less than a century, a land “unfit for human habitation” has been turned in to the permanent home of over a million people and the winter residence of tens of thousands more.

The sun, sand and sea have been here since the dawn of man, but the roads, railroads and seaport are new additions which have vastly transformed the area’s landscape.

Now, Broward County is the Mecca for whatever floats your boat, here you will find it.

Is it the sub-tropics, the lavish shopping, travel, spas, golf, cruising, or just living the here and now in a manner you were always meant to live, happy under the beautiful sun, that is always shinning even when it is raining (that’s a little bonus when you live in Florida)

There are many assisted living facilities in Broward County to visit, however when you leave you may not have the same feeling about all of them.

This was our experience going through the same process you are going through.

We had to visit upwards of 20 facilities in order to find the one we were confident could take care of our loved one appropriately.

We had to do this all within 3 days.

We were tired of searching, so we understand if you are also.

Assisted Living Services of Florida hopes to make ourselves available to you and your family before that happens though.

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