Assisted Living Facilities in Lauderdale Lakes

Thank you for visiting our Lauderdale Lakes assisted living facility directory where you will find a list of local assisted living facilities in Lauderdale Lakes that can meet the criteria that you were looking for your family member. Here you will be able to search and discover the many different aspects, highlights, services, costs, and qualities of the facilities that are available in Lauderdale Lakes. You will be put in direct contact with each facility where you can schedule an appointment to tour the community at your own leisure. (We suggest scheduling a free lunch tour where you can get a sample of the food and the community activity in real time)

When you fill out a form or call a displayed phone number, you will be communicating with that particular assisted living facility directly. The form you submit will go directly to the sales director, or even the director of that community. We are providing you with a direct line into the community that you choose, on your terms.

You will be able to determine if a particular community has all of the elements and services that you require for your love one, as well as fits within the price range that you can afford. We are here to help make the process of searching for and finding the right community in Lauderdale Lakes that fits the desires of your family as easy as possible. We do this by providing you with a comprehensive snap shot if the communities we have contracted with to do so.

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Assisted living Service of Florida hopes the information presented will give you a good idea of where you will feel comfortable placing your loved one in Lauderdale Lakes, while having a confidence that they will be well taken care of. We do our best to screen all of the assisted living communities in Lauderdale Lakes that are listed here, however we are by no means making any claim to their present quality of care. We can only count on feedback from our visitors according to their experiences communicating with the communities. The information you see here has been provided directly by the communities themselves in order to present the most accurate and up to date information regarding their community and services.

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Assisted living facilities in Lauderdale Lakes have been helping families cope with some of the most difficult and sensitive times of their families ones lives. When it comes to the point where an individual, usually an elderly person, cannot take care of themselves any longer, then there is the need for supervision in order to help the individual continue to live a healthy, safe, and productive life.

In the industry of senior living there are measuring tools that are used to determine whether or not a person is able to care for themselves and also to measure the level of assistance needed in that person’s life. These are known as the ADLs or activities of daily living. Activities of daily are the common activities that a healthy person who is able to care for themselves performs every day like dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking, taking their meds if needed, and doing laundry to name a few.

There are usually a few different levels of care which group the activities of daily living together and when one or more added to a group it escalates the level of care needed. Assisted living facilities in Lauderdale Lakes usually have a base rate that is charged for rent each month. After that there are usually additional charges for the different levels of care where assistance is needed. This is based on the number of activities of daily living where assistance is required.