Our Mission


This is one of the most vital and unsettling times a family can go through. It is inevitable that one day, just about every family in America will have to make some very serious decisions regarding the well being of a loved one.

Our mission at Assisted Living Services of Florida  is simple.

  • Alleviate the burden and fears associated with finding a residence.
  • Provide support, compassion,  and encouragement the whole way. 
  • Connect you and your loved one with an assisted living facility that meets your standards of living.
  • Save you time while doing the due diligence.
  • Make it easy for you to make a decision.
  • Remove the guilt from the equation
  • Enable continuation of a stress free, worry free life.

Our mission is not accomplished until you have found the solution you and your loved one are comfortable with, and satisfied with. We will see you through till the move in date. Time is more valuable than ever during this season of your life, and Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC aims to help you preserve and enjoy every bit of it.

During your search which may be for an assisted living West Palm Beach property or an assisted living in Boca Raton continuing care facility, you need to understand the process in order to save precious and valuable time. Not every assisted living Fort Lauderdale property is going to have what you need just because it says assisted living facility. Let someone who cares, and has been through the process with many families help relieve the strain of this time.