Our History


Three and half years ago, our family member, then 87, had a serious illness that left him unable to care for himself without assistance.  Mom, also elderly, was unable to care for him as well, so we went in search of an assisted living facility.  The main requirements were location, near my mother’s condo, pleasant surroundings, professional nursing staff, and of course, cleanliness.

We contacted Social Services at the hospital for any aid they may offer and was led to a county agency that gave us some leads.  We followed up on the first three facilities and left each one more distressed than ever.

Although most seemed to have ample staff, the sight of elderly residents just sitting in wheelchairs in hallways was depressing.  The accommodations were spartan and the cleaniness and upkeep of the buildings and grounds were minimal.

Cost was of course considered, though fortunately my father had long term insurance which would help defray the cost, so we started looking on our own rather than use the county agencies listings.

Lo and behold, just across the street from my mother’s condo, was a facility that offered both independent and assisted living.  It was like walking into a 5 star hotel compared to what we had been exposed to in the other facilities.  They offered both one bedroom and efficiency apartments, all with private balconies.  The dining rooms boasted ocean views and my dad’s particular apartment’s balcony overlooked a navigable canal and the facilities swimming pool.

We found the staff, both administrative and nursing, to be professional, friendly and caring.  My father has been at this Five Star Premier establishment for over 3 years now.  He is well cared for, and everyone there loves him.  The Salon services are excellent and on his floor, as well as the dining room, exercise and social rooms, so he needn’t walk far.

We realized there is hope for us, for our situation, and Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC would like to share that hope with you and your family whether you need an assisted living Fort Lauderdale community or one in Boca Raton. There are many gorgeous assisted living Palm Beach County locations for every level of care necessary. You don’t have to go far to have a professional locate your perfect Eden!