About Us


Life’s circumstances have a habit of forcing you to make decisions that are extremely difficult. It’s your family you are dealing with, and potentially someone that has taken care of you for half your life. This person has been there for you the whole way till now, till they are unable to even care for themselves.

You feel obligated to take care of them as they did you, however life’s circumstances have made that next to impossible. Maybe you have small children, or your job does not allow for the time and attention required to care for someone on the level needed.

We Understand


We understand the emotions you are dealing with, and the inner conversation you are having over and over with yourself. It is not an easy choice, or process.

We want you to know this is normal. There is nothing comfortable about going through this process with someone you love and care about. There is almost a guilt and shame associated with the whole deal.

We’ve Been There


We have been through it, the same process, and you are not wrong for the way you are thinking. Your loved one deserves the best possible care and attention there is.

Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC is a local family operated venture which has partnered with the absolute top of the line assisted living Palm Beach County & Broward County facilities. Our goal is to bring you the most trusted, well cared for, and properly staffed assisted living facilities South Florida has to offer you and your family.

We have gone ahead of you, as pioneers to pave the way in order to make this transition as comfortable and guilt free as possible.

Nobody knows better than someone who has been through it before. We wish there would have been someone there for us when we faced this with our loved one.

You’re Not Alone

You don’t have to do this alone.

Whatever we are able to do to help you find a place quickest, we will do it.

Please contact your Assisted Living Services Of Florida advisor immediately to get FREE dedicated help for you and your loved one to get established in the most timely and efficient manner. Whether you are looking for an assisted living West Palm Beach property or an assisted living in Boca Raton continuing care facility, we can help you quickly locate the most suitable place.