About Us


Life’s circumstances have a habit of forcing you to make decisions that are extremely difficult. It’s your family you are dealing with, and potentially someone that has taken care of you for half your life. This person has been there for you the whole way till now, till they are unable to even care for themselves.

You feel obligated to take care of them as they did you, however life’s circumstances have made that next to impossible. Maybe you have small children, or your job does not allow for the time and attention required to care for someone on the level needed.

We Understand


We understand the emotions you are dealing with, and the inner conversation you are having over and over with yourself. It is not an easy choice, or process.

We want you to know this is normal. There is nothing comfortable about going through this process with someone you love and care about. There is almost a guilt and shame associated with the whole deal.

We’ve Been There


We have been through it, the same process, and you are not wrong for the way you are thinking. Your loved one deserves the best possible care and attention there is.

Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC is a local family operated venture which has partnered with the absolute top of the line assisted living Palm Beach County & Broward County facilities. Our goal is to bring you the most trusted, well cared for, and properly staffed assisted living facilities South Florida has to offer you and your family.

We have gone ahead of you, as pioneers to pave the way in order to make this transition as comfortable and guilt free as possible.

Nobody knows better than someone who has been through it before. We wish there would have been someone there for us when we faced this with our loved one.

You’re Not Alone

You don’t have to do this alone.

Whatever we are able to do to help you find a place quickest, we will do it.

Please contact your Assisted Living Services Of Florida advisor immediately to get FREE dedicated help for you and your loved one to get established in the most timely and efficient manner. Whether you are looking for an assisted living West Palm Beach property or an assisted living in Boca Raton continuing care facility, we can help you quickly locate the most suitable place.

Our Mission


This is one of the most vital and unsettling times a family can go through. It is inevitable that one day, just about every family in America will have to make some very serious decisions regarding the well being of a loved one.

Our mission at Assisted Living Services of Florida  is simple.

  • Alleviate the burden and fears associated with finding a residence.
  • Provide support, compassion,  and encouragement the whole way. 
  • Connect you and your loved one with an assisted living facility that meets your standards of living.
  • Save you time while doing the due diligence.
  • Make it easy for you to make a decision.
  • Remove the guilt from the equation
  • Enable continuation of a stress free, worry free life.

Our mission is not accomplished until you have found the solution you and your loved one are comfortable with, and satisfied with. We will see you through till the move in date. Time is more valuable than ever during this season of your life, and Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC aims to help you preserve and enjoy every bit of it.

During your search which may be for an assisted living West Palm Beach property or an assisted living in Boca Raton continuing care facility, you need to understand the process in order to save precious and valuable time. Not every assisted living Fort Lauderdale property is going to have what you need just because it says assisted living facility. Let someone who cares, and has been through the process with many families help relieve the strain of this time.


Our Pledge To You


You need to know we are not only here for your loved one, but we are here for you. The one who has all the responsibility resting on their shoulders to find a solution to a very important and immediate need.

You have us here to help you through what may be a very difficult time for you and your family. We want you to feel confident knowing you have someone in your corner, that is going to guide you down this road, and make sure you get to your desired destination.

Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC Pledges To You And Your Family:

  • To find out exactly what you desire and are looking for
  • To do everything possible to mach your needs with your desires
  • To work diligently and swiftly to connect every dot
  • Give you the absolute best advice with your best interest in mind, not ours
  • Tell you the truth even when it may not benefit us 
  • See the process through to the end with you

Living in an assisted living West Palm Beach community, you might feel as though you were visiting a resort, and some assisted living in Boca Raton locations may even remind you of a perpetual cruise to your favorite island. You would never realize the difference after you have met friends and acclimated to the environment. Contact a guidance professional today, to find the place that fits your desires quickly and painlessly.

Our Values


Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC is a family oriented business, working for families in the South Florida area. We have certain beliefs and values that we are determined to uphold during our interaction with your family.

Some Of Our Core Values:

  • The family unit is the most integral part of human life as we know it. History proves it is the strongest force on the planet, and there is nothing that can stand against a united family with a single purpose.
  • Effective communication is vital to achieving a purpose and carrying out a plan. Knowing the importance of communicating in a timely manner, and how the right information at the right time can proffer a smooth transition into a change that is most uncomfortable.
  • Friendly and reliable customer service is a key ingredient to shortening what what might seem as a long process, and having an all around good experience even when things don’t seem to go the way it was intended.

Our values pour over into the assisted living Palm Beach County communities that we work with in bringing you the level and quality of care you are looking for. You can rely on the fact that if we suggest a particular assisted living Boca Raton community for you to look at, you have been given the facts as they are with no opinion.

Our History


Three and half years ago, our family member, then 87, had a serious illness that left him unable to care for himself without assistance.  Mom, also elderly, was unable to care for him as well, so we went in search of an assisted living facility.  The main requirements were location, near my mother’s condo, pleasant surroundings, professional nursing staff, and of course, cleanliness.

We contacted Social Services at the hospital for any aid they may offer and was led to a county agency that gave us some leads.  We followed up on the first three facilities and left each one more distressed than ever.

Although most seemed to have ample staff, the sight of elderly residents just sitting in wheelchairs in hallways was depressing.  The accommodations were spartan and the cleaniness and upkeep of the buildings and grounds were minimal.

Cost was of course considered, though fortunately my father had long term insurance which would help defray the cost, so we started looking on our own rather than use the county agencies listings.

Lo and behold, just across the street from my mother’s condo, was a facility that offered both independent and assisted living.  It was like walking into a 5 star hotel compared to what we had been exposed to in the other facilities.  They offered both one bedroom and efficiency apartments, all with private balconies.  The dining rooms boasted ocean views and my dad’s particular apartment’s balcony overlooked a navigable canal and the facilities swimming pool.

We found the staff, both administrative and nursing, to be professional, friendly and caring.  My father has been at this Five Star Premier establishment for over 3 years now.  He is well cared for, and everyone there loves him.  The Salon services are excellent and on his floor, as well as the dining room, exercise and social rooms, so he needn’t walk far.

We realized there is hope for us, for our situation, and Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC would like to share that hope with you and your family whether you need an assisted living Fort Lauderdale community or one in Boca Raton. There are many gorgeous assisted living Palm Beach County locations for every level of care necessary. You don’t have to go far to have a professional locate your perfect Eden!

Our Staff


 We know how important having the right people on your team is. 

We have CORE trained ALF administrators waiting to help you and your family with over 13 years in healthcare, and 8 years of nursing home experience to back you up.

You can rest assured that you are in good hands, and have a team on your side that really knows the business. 

There are so many pitfalls to avoid when picking the right community. Most people have no idea where to even start looking or what to watch out for.

From the moment you walk on the property of an Assisted Living community and sit down in the chair of it’s sales director, you should feel comfortable and able to get all your questions answered. While you are there you can ask the residents about the staff.

  • Questions like who is your favorite staff member here, and why?
  • You can also ask them point blank – “What don’t you like about the staff here”

We believe that you will find everything you are looking for and see a friendly, professional,  and courteous staff from our partners.

Assisted Living Services of Florida LLC is  certain that whether you are searching for an assisted living Fort Lauderdale partner or maybe just assisted living West Palm Beach in home services, you can be confident that you are dealing with professional staff who are very discreet, and reliable.